Saturday, November 28, 2009

When I upload a new album it will get a post that will be deleted when I upload another album.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009


Splash - Slippery Beach/Trashed Gamelan

Pacific Rat Temple Band - Wave Rave Pt. 1: Skelesand Extra-Earth Morph

James Ferraro - Body Fusion 1

James Ferraro - Body Fusion 2

James Ferraro - Rerex 1

James Ferraro - Rerex 2

Stolen Links

But only links that can be found on Google:

The Skaters - Physicalities Of The Sensibilities Of Ingrediential Strairways

The Skaters - Dark Rye Bread

The Skaters - Raising Spheres Of Crossing Angel Minds

The Skaters - Mountaineer Skyness of Majestic Planes

The Skaters - Rippling Whispers

The Skaters - Pavilionous Miracles Of Circular Facet Dice

The Skaters - The Palm Shaper

The Skaters - Talking Head

The Skaters - Receding Smokebath

The Skaters - Gambling in Opha's Shadow

The Skaters - Dark Rye Bread

Skaters,Mouthus and Axolotl - Live At KDVS

Acid Eagle + Vodka Soap - 2x CS

Pacific Rat Temple Band - Tan Kim (Boa Paradise)

James Ferraro - Heaven's Gate

James Ferraro - KFC City 3099 PT. 1 Toxic Spill

James Ferraro - Edward Flex Presents: Do You Believe in Hawaii

James Ferraro - Multitopia

James Ferraro - Clear

James Ferraro - Marble Surf

James Ferraro - Star Digital Theater Movies For PT Cruisers

James Ferraro - Post Remo Mundis Techno-Symposium

Acid Eagle - Heavy Tapes

Lamborghini Crystal - Draco Shop Bob

Lamborghini Crystal - Roach Motel

Lamborghini Crystal - Little Deuce Coup TV Dinners

Lamborghini Crystal - 1992 Cool Runnings - Grippers Nothers Oneseres Live at Slimer Beach

Lamborghini Crystal - Alien Microwave

Vodka Soap (Spencer Clark) - Shee-Ro Gateway Temples

Vodka Soap - Shadow Watcher Levitations

Vodka Soap - Oceansion Islands

Vodka Soap - Parallel Visitation

Vodka Soap - reactionary meditations within the chandelier of our head

Black Joker - Watch Out!

Monopoly Child Star Searchers - Prince Of Parrot Shooters

Monopoly Child Star Searchers - Start Levitating Now!